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Thursday, March 28, 2013

MUGA: Day #3-- Arrival into Sydney, Australia

My United flight from San Francisco to Sydney left on time.  We all got these toiletries in our section:

The usual champagne followed by a red and a white with appetizer, soup, salad and a spinach tortellini.  Okay, but then everyone went to sleep, so I did, too.  This is why I don't like overnights.  What a waste, but I was exhausted.  The flight was bouncy, I watched two Korean films...and 14.5 hours after departure:

The longest flight I've ever had, and maybe the most boring.  But I'm here, and ecstatic:

From now on I'll only be traveling in daylight.

The Sydney Westin must have upgraded the facilities since the last time I stayed here, as the whole place now looks terrific.  Conde Nast ranks it as the #1 hotel in Sydney.  The Executive Club was okay:

Back in the USA, the S&P 500 finally broke its all-time record set six years ago, increasing 6 to 1569.  The Dow Jones Industrial Average also hit another high, up 52 to 14579.  When will the correction come, and will it be 10% or 20%?  I have colleagues predicting a doomsday crash.  Remember, in March of 2009 it sunk to 6469. I am a lot more optimistic, but some time this year the Dow will sink, though not below 10,000.   That's when I'll buy.  What?  Any ideas?


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