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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Yes, today is the first day of the rest of your life, and so was yesterday and will again be tomorrow.  Since tomorrow is yet to come, what happened yesterday and today?

First, this quote comes from Charles Dederich (left), founder of Synanon in 1958.  A cult?  Religion?  He attempted to save the dregs of society addicted on dope and alcohol.   He was a case study in what not to be and, occasionally, to be:
  • flunked out of Notre Dame
  • became the poster guy for Alcoholic Anonymous
  • a convicted criminal
  • used LSD as a cure for drug dependence
  • ordered his troops to embrace aerobic and nutrition, and not smoke
  • advocated marrying, but divorcing after three years.
This is just the tip of the iceberg.  He used a $33 unemployment check to start Synanon.  Watch the 1965 film with Edmond O'Brien as Dederich and Eartha Kitt as his third wife, Bettye.  You'll also recognize Chuck Connors and Richard Conte.  At one time Synanon had assets of $50 million, but dissolved in 1991 with tax problems.  A branch remains operational in Germany.  Chuck Dederich passed away in 1997 at the age of 83.

Anyway, where was I?  Oh, yes, today.  It was a decade ago that "shock and awe" began the Iraq War.  I recall being stunned by the news bulletin while driving home from Ko Olina.  Was the war, and you got to add Afghanistan, worth it?  For $4 trillion, probably not, but there were a few redeeming benefits.  At least the Gulf War is over.

On the more goody plus side today, to everyone's surprise in Hawaii, both University of Hawaii's basketball teams made it into a post-season tournament.  The Warriors play Air Force tonight, while the Rainbow Wahines are at San Diego.  First time this has happened in a decade.  And how's about Robert Morris beating Kentucky in the NIT?  I guess Calipari's model of recruiting high school stars for one year before they move on to the NBA does not always work.  Also, Kaia Parnaby, Rainbow Wahine softball pitcher was named USA National Collegiate Player of the Week.  I went to the games on Sunday when she won two, and in the eight innings she pitched to win the tournament against Syracuse, struck out 17.

You might not have noticed, for the cherry blossoms are not out yet in D.C., and it's snowing here and there, but this is the first day of Spring.  Isn't March 20 a bit early?  Well, actually, the 2016 vernal equinox will occur in Hawaii (and portions of the USA) on March 19.  If you want to be further confused, read this HuffPo.  If you live anywhere close to Michigan, I can only say, come to Hawaii.

Remember, you could have been born a cockroach or E. coli, so take advantage of this first day for the rest of your life.  After I submit this posting, I'm going golfing.


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