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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

MY ULTIMATE GLOBAL ADVENTURE: Day 1--Honolulu to San Francisco

I awoke this morning to a Moonset:

Today I begin my ultimate global adventure.  The primary purpose will be to build relationships and seek funding for the Pacific International Ocean Station of Blue Revolution Hawaii, a non-profit corporation.  I will also continue to spread Pearl's ashes, mostly symbolical on this journey, so that I can flesh out the book I plan to publish on this subject.
Very simply:  Honolulu - San Francisco - Sydney- Bangkok - Tokyo - Osaka - Awaji Island - Hiroshima - Tokyo - Matsumoto - Tokyo - Nikko - Tokyo - Seoul - Shanghai - Beijing - Frankfurt - DC - Denver - San Francisco - Napa Valley - Sea Ranch - Mendocino - San Francisco - Honolulu:  35,354 miles by air.  I will be flying via Star Alliance Round the World, and just this air portion, if I paid for all the segments individually, would have cost $51,189.  Of course, I'll only be paying about 59 cents per mile, still, not exactly cheap.

It seems odd to be going from Honolulu to San Francisco, then west to Sydney, but I need to drop off my golf bag before really beginning my journey, for the week in Napa at the end will involve 6 days of golfing in a row.

For your future planning purposes, always go west, for then your body clock will not be as challenged.  Also, I try to fly only during daylight hours.  First, because it's party time, but, also, so that I can get to my hotel in daylight.

It takes around 14 hours from SFO to Sydney.  While the distance is close to 7500 miles, the Boeing 747-400 has a range of 8300 miles.  Just pray for minimal headwinds.  In comparison, the flights from Beijing to Frankfurt and Frankfurt to D.C. are around 10 hours.  Some get claustrophobic being in such tight quarters going so fast.  How fast?  The cruise speed of a Boeing 747-400 is close to 600 miles per  hour.  The muzzle velocity of most pistols is less than 700 MPH.  So picture yourself flying at the velocity of a speeding bullet in cramped quarters for 14 hours.  Or, try not to.

I note today that North Korea placed it's missile artillery on highest alert, with Hawaii specifically mentioned.  Glad I'm leaving?  Nope, Japan is closer to Korea.  The danger is that Kim Jong Un could do something stupid rather get overthrown.  You think those generals are really taking him seriously?  Further, it was just a couple of days ago that I reported the Tokyo area is 9 years overdue for a major earthquake which could cause up to $2.3 trillion in damage.   China?  Just posted on their serious air and water pollution problems.  Plus I have two stops in San Francisco and I keep hearing about the San Andreas Fault and the next 1906 earthquake.  At least the USGS has said there is only a 2% chance of a similar shake over the next 30 years...but, watch out for that Hayward Fault.

In any case, you can't let possible threats run your life.  Maybe I should not have used adventure in the above title.  In any case, after sequestration and the fiscal cliff, the American stock market remains vibrant, as the Dow Jones Industrials today again broke an all-time recored, up to 14,559, while the S&P missed by two points.

To begin, I'm at the Honolulu Airport United Club Lounge with a Bloody Mary and double expresso cappuccino. That's my Boeing 777, with Diamond Head in the background:

Now on the other side of Diamond Head:

The first drink was champagne:

The main meal was a double helix pasta (not rotini...maybe fusili...not sure) with marinara and spinach, plus red and white wine:

This was all so appropriate because I am just now reading a Scientific American article on XNA, the synthetic future of DNA/RNA.  I'll later post on this exciting new subject, which shows promise for a quantum leap in next generation life.

I ended with a hot fudge and strawberry sundae with coffee and Bailey's, then a White Label:

Finally, approaching San Francisco:

Appropriately enough, waiting for my hotel shuttle, I saw a Moonrise (full moon is tomorrow):

You can keep track of where I am through this blog site.