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Wednesday, December 21, 2016


I've had four grand mysteries throughout my life, with two of them only occurring during the past month.  The first two are now classified (by me) as miracles:  Schick razors (the blades, and they don't need to be Schicks) and soap at the bottom the bed to prevent leg cramps:

I solved grand mystery #3.  It had to do with a calamansi plant and parakeet poop.

Grand mystery #4 happened when I moved my calamansi plant indoors to prevent those parakeets from eating the leaves.  Suddenly, a beautiful Chinese Swallowtail Butterfly appeared next to the calamansi plant:

I bought a second calamansi plant, and, amazingly enough, two more of the same type of butterflies appeared on consecutive days:

While my speculation was that the calamansi plants had something to do with these miraculous appearances, a quick check of those two plants did not reveal any caterpillars or pupa.  My initial speculation was that my apartment at 15 Craigside must be the location for the spontaneous generation of this beautiful butterfly.  Just before I left for my Norwegian Cruise Line inter-island trip, I saw the third one, but did not have enough time to release it.

When I returned from this cruise, there were no butterflies.  However, when I made a close check of those plants, I found two empty cocoons (some also refer to them as the chrysalis).

Thus, for those who have been communicating with me, thank you for your interest.  I have solved Mystery #4.  The butterflies came from the calamansi plant, on which there must have been three (more?) pupa, although on very close scrutiny I can only find two.

I checked with Koolau Farmers and they said their citrus generally comes from the Big Island, Hilo area:

This Week's Special:  Citrus Trees

With a shipment of over 2,400 trees recently hitting our stores, there's no better time to plant some citrus to add color and zest to your garden. Lemon, lime, and orange trees are currently listed on sale in our Weekly Specials.

So drop by any of their four locations and you, too, might well be amazed by the sudden appearance of the Chinese Swallowtail Butterfly for Christmas:

In any case, I'm back to two modern-day miracles.

There is a tropical depression east of the Philippines projected to become a typhoon, and currently predicted to roll over Manila around Christmas:


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