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Friday, December 2, 2016


Thomas Loren Friedman had an op ed about the November 21 lunch Donald Trump had at The New York Times, where Friedman is a weekly columnist. I've always found him to be thoughtful and reasonable.  He is a three-time Pulitzer Prize winner.  I remember reading his The Lexus and the Olive Tree around 2000 and The World is Flat a decade ago.

There was a choice of salmon or beef tenderloin.  Here, Trump with Arthur Sulzberger, Jr, publisher of the paper.  A quote from the attending reporters:

President-elect Donald J. Trump on Tuesday tempered some of his most extreme campaign promises, dropping his vow to jail Hillary Clinton, expressing doubt about the value of torturing terrorism suspects and pledging to have an open mind about climate change.

There are many decisions that President-elect Trump can and will make during the next four years. Many of them could be reversible by his successor. But there is one decision he can make that could have truly irreversible implications, and that is to abandon America’s commitment to phasing out coal, phasing in more clean energy systems and leading the world to curb CO2 emissions before they reach a level that produces a cycle of wildly unpredictable climate disruptions.

Especially during the election campaign, Trump and The New York Times were nearly mortal enemies.  Apparently, there has been a softening of hatred, if not maybe now even downright respect:

Media falsely spins Trump’s NYT climate comments 
Trump cited Climategate,
 restated skepticism of ‘global warming’

They said that the full transcript showed NO MODERATION of Trump's views on global warming.  Cited was the Heartland Institute agreeing with CD.  What is Climate Depot?  Well, it is a climate change denial website founded by Republican aide Marc Morano (left).  Heartland Institute?  I remember when I regularly wrote for The Huffington Post, I was troubled by one person in particular who kept condemning my views on this topic.  I did a trace and found out that person worked for the Heartland Institute, which is a conservative and libertarian public policy think tank.  

Way back in January Polizette picked Donald Trump's cabinet.  They were scarily right a few times, such as  Secretary of Defense James "Mad Dog" Mattis.  Yesterday, CNN thought Elaine Chao would be Labor Secretary, and she got to be head of the Department of Transportation.  CNN further surmised that Sarah Palin might become Secretary of Interior, Ben Carson as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 9 possible candidates for Secretary of State, including Mitt Romney, 3 for Secretary of Energy, including Rick Perry and climate change contrarion Myron Ebell (right) as Director of the Environmental Protection Agency, who is heading that transition team.

If Ebell gets the EPA nod, forget about the rosy picture suggested by The New York Times.  In any case, at this very moment, Donald Trump is actually beginning to sound somewhat objective, if not uncharacteristically prudent, and, maybe, even presidential.

Tomorrow, maybe,  WHATEVER HAPPENED TO....


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