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Friday, December 9, 2016


Well, I've been thinking about this for a while, just called Norwegian Cruise Line and signed up for a cruise that leaves tomorrow.  Most cruise rooms are for two people, I earlier checked, and the best I could get for a single would have been $3400.  Today, I secured a balcony room for $1200.  Lucky you live in Hawaii.

Thus, it's possible that this blog site will be black for a whole week, as the cost of using the internet on this ship will be something like 50 cents/minute.  Maybe I'll be able to catch island tours and find better rates.  Keep checking.  Anyway, here is where I'll be from Saturday:

7-Day Hawaii, Round-trip Honolulu

Day    Cruise Ports

Sat      Honolulu
Sun     Kahului
Mon    Kahului
Tue     Hilo
Wed    Kona
Thur    Nawiliwili
Fri       Nawilili
Sat      Honolulu

I took this same cruise a little more than five years ago, and you can read the details HERE.  This time, I won't be on a golf package, so plan to see each island as a tourist, thus possibly allowing me to quickly complete a posting at a non-atrocious cost.  Nothing much has particularly changed this time around.  The internet costs then were $25/hour and no alcohol could be snuck on board on penalty of confiscation.  Somehow, I was able to continue this blog, so there is reasonable hope for  continuation over the next week.

This is kind of practice for my 2020 World Cruise.  There is still the possibility that my Japanese link will take step two (this interisland cruise).  But, even if this happens, you (eligible female who can pay her way) can still join the 2020 short list for consideration.  Let me know.

Yes, the Dow Jones Industrial Average today broke its all-time record, up 142 to 19,757.  Let's see now, 20,000?  What about Wednesday?


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