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Saturday, August 6, 2011


Well, I'm on something Pearl and I long talked about, but never did.  The Norwegian Cruise Line Pride of American is not your normal cruise.  For one, it remains in American waters, so the U.S. Coast Guard has jurisdiction.  They are very, very strict about sneaking on board any alcohol, and there is no casino on board.  If they catch you (and there was a gigantic line waiting to be go through the process), you can pay a corkage charge of $15/bottle of wine, so I think this is more NCL than the USCG in charge.  Any hard liquor is retained for your pick-up at the end of the cruise, unless the bottle was opened, when it is sacrificed.  Fortunately, I had bottles of Johnny Walker Black and wine in my golf bag, which, apparently, they don't check.  Hint!  Hint!

After this nasty experience, I barely made it back to my room for the departure:

For dinner I went to Jefferson's Bistro, which is their highest end boutique restaurant for which they add a $20 surcharge.  The theme is French, but they also have a side room buffet with one dish each from their Italian, Asian and steak restaurants, plus salad and dessert bars.  I started with a creative composite of Caesar/mozzarella/basil/tomato/roast beef salad, accompanied by fried calamari and French onion soup, with a Spanish sparkling wine and an Ulupalakua Cabernet/France, which was soft and outstanding:

My main course came in tandem:  salmon with asparagus:
and a filet mignon:

The whole meal was truly excellent, even the ending french fries.

I'm on this special papaya/apple/celery/soup diet, and dropped to my low of a quarter century this past Tuesday.  Tonight, I d

estroyed this effort with one meal, and barely waddled out of the restaurant.  And this is just Day One.

I hear that transmission from Maui might be difficult because of interference from the airport.  I golf at Wailea tomorow, and have an Asian Fusion restaurant scheduled for tomorrow night.

The internet charge is $25/hour and very, very slow.  One way to keep my blogs short.


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