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Saturday, December 3, 2016


15 Craigside has an annual Holiday Variety Show featuring residents.  This year, Charlotte and her hula halau saluted the Hokulea and invited spiritual leader, Nainoa Thompson, who came with his twins, Kai and Puana.  Their mother is Kathy Muneno, who came for a while, then headed off to work as a TV anchor for KHON.

I first posted on the Hokulea World Tour on 30May14, and provided some details on Nainoa the following day, when the craft first left Hawaii on its world tour.  The ship, 62 feet long and 20 feet wide, is a replica of a Polynesian double-hulled (meaning there are two, connected by the flat living space) voyaging canoe.  It was launched in 1975, 41 years ago, and completed its inaugural trip to Tahiti (here arriving) the following year, using only Polynesian navigation techniques.  It does have a radio powered by solar panels.

The Malama Honua Worldwide Voyage began at the end of May in 2014:

Hokulea today is docked at the West Palm Beach Public Dock, Florida, having now travelled 140,000 miles in a little more than 2.5 years.  The schedule is tentative, but a return home will occur by the summer of 2017.  The canoe has succeeded in connecting people around the world, as for example, Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon in an Aloha shirt with Nainoa on the Hokulea above.

Here are some photos from our program last night.  When I arrived at the theater, I couldn't find any seat, looking from the back, and the whole Dining Room was available, so I decided to find a table with a view of the performances.   It seemed odd that I was the only one dining, but I had not yet had my dinner, so I ordered a saimin with all the trimmings and returned to my room to get a glass of Stanford Cabernet Sauvignon and bottle of Kirin Beer, which kept me occupied throughout the festivities.  Not an unobstructed view of the stage, but good enough, and while the sound was faulty, everyone else also suffered. 

The show started with Christmas carols, magic performances (here are two of the magicians, Wayne and George, at my dinner table), and hula performances (Violet and Charlotte).  Then the presentation ceremony for Hokulea, with Charlotte doing the honors.

Charlotte indicated to me that their hula halau has been invited to perform on the ship itself, Hokulea, when she arrives back home in June.  Here are Violet and Charlotte, for I sit with them and their husbands for dinner more than anyone else.

I believe those are the heads of Eric, the association president, and Pepper.  The evening ended with Aloha Oe.  Charlotte's husband, Al, videotaped the whole program, so, someday, we might get to see the edited version.  For good reason, I guess, 15 Craigside discourages taking any video or photos of anything that occurs within the building--to protect personal privacies--so this posting could well be illegal.

But let me end with my lanai, which is not controversial.  First, note that the calamansi is no longer there.  I moved it inside.  The steak below is a result of my Wednesday posting:


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