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Wednesday, November 30, 2016


The day is overcast and somber.  Now that I've mis-predicted the next president of the USA and the death of the Republican Party, solved grand mystery #3 (Green Parrots--scroll down to Saturday) and brought you up to date on solar energy and the environment (scroll down to Monday),  I'll take a day off and have lunch at Magic Island (that aerial is from Air Photona.)  You can usually find me at the right side under a coconut tree with a view of Diamond Head.

I decided to have a ginger chicken and roast duck bento from U-Choice In, a Chinese take-out in the Kaheka Don Quixote shopping center.    That's obviously a bottle of beer in that black cover with a straw.  I was met by my Blue-bar pigeon and his friends:

The bird demographics of Magic Island have changed.  Usually, the horde is dominated by doves and sparrows.  You're always entertained by weddings here:

This one had someone playing a ukulele and singing.  On the way home my gas tank was running low, so I filled it at Costco, then went into the store to purchase their blue plate ribeye.  What a bargain, 4.53 pounds for only $86:

In comparison, J-Shop sells Japanese wagyu sirloin for $80/pound.  

Thus, my 4.53 pounds of Costco ribeye cost less than one pound of sirloin.  While I was in Costco I also picked up a bottle of 24-year old scotch from Aberdeen.

So I googled this Kirkland brand (left).  One reference indicated that this bootle cost $89.99 in Atlanta.  I paid $69.99.  A 25-year old Macallan, aged in sherry oak, costs more than $600.  25-year Glenlivet?  More than $350.  25-year Bowmore?  More than $500.  Why so expensive?  Not only the inventory cost, but up to 50% of the volume is lost in a quarter century.  However, the bottles you buy still provide 40% ethanol.

Here is a link to 24-year old scotches, and I noticed a Royal Lochnager, my very favorite, for only $373.  The  Costco bottle, the cheapest of all---the prices in this link are in British pounds---was matured in a bourbon oak cask.  Of course I tasted it, and it was wonderful.  A touch woody, a tad sweet, smooth, terrific.  However, wonder where I can find that RL-24?


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