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Friday, November 11, 2016


Anyone who keeps up with this blog site is aware by now that 15 Craigside is Purgatory.  While this all started in a tongue-in-cheek fashion, as I'm not very religious, the mirage took on a higher sense of reality with MY LIFE IN PURGATORY.  
We get three meals a day here, but for $1.50 you can have take-out, which allows me to enhance the main dish.  For example, today I had an enormous brunch by adjusting the spaghetti and meatballs with a large salad I picked up yesterday.  I sliced ten cloves of garlic and fried them in a lot of butter.   In Purgatory you can eat anything you want, but just in case, I subscribe to the French Paradox by drinking a lot of red wine.  Anyway, I added some  mushrooms, then the broccoli and tomato from the salad.  I provided my own truffle oil and balsamic for the greens, and had all this with a Governor's Selection Pinot Noir from my Stanford Collection and a Mickey's:

The basil comes from my lanai herb garden.  That's an upgraded garlic bread piece above the spaghetti.  I am wondering now how best to improve my dinner today, hamburger stew which I ordered yesterday.  Certainly, I'll stop off and get a plate of sashimi, but the challenge will be to upgrade the stew.  

Incidentally, I also today plan to see the movie Arrival, then a triple-header NCAA basketball feast featuring #12 Michigan State versus #2 Kentucky, followed by #11 Indiana versus #3 Kansas, then SIU Edwardsville at Hawaii, both not ranked and near the bottom.  However, while all the games will occur on the University of Hawaii Manoa Campus, a few yards from my office, I'll watch them in Purgatory on TV, for I will be changing channels to also tune in to both semifinal local high school football games being televised.

But back to my simple life at 15C, the Royal Hawaiian Band came to entertain us in the afternoon.

The Bandmaster is Clarke Bright, who once worked for me at the University of Hawaii.

Finally, last night our poker group celebrated our first annual dinner at the Waialae Country Club, organized by our poker commissioner Henry:

At the top photo, note the moon.  On Sunday and Monday nights Supermoon can be seen to be the closest to earth in 70 years.  The exact time when our Moon will be at proximity is 6:22AM (1:22AM Hawaii time) Eastern time Monday morning.

But back to our celebration, this was lobster night.  There was an unlimited supply of wines and I had two good ones:  Cakebread Chardonnay and Stag's' Leap Red (never was able to figure out what wine varieties, and, worse, I don't now remember if it was from Stags' Leap Winery or Stag's Leap Wine Cellars--note the location of the apostrophe--one is owned by Foster's beer of Australia and Beringer, and the other by Chateau St. Michelle of Washington).  Henry is to the left in the bottom photo, and across him is Cookie, who once worked for 15C but somehow was able to leave Purgatory:

I'm allergic to crustaceans, so I had to settle for a New York steak.  But why they put so much stuff on top of the beef ruined it all. 

 The mushroom soup, salad, baked potato and lilikoi dessert, with a cup of cappuccino, were terrific:

This poker group gathers three times/week and plays each night for 2.5 hours.  I'm a substitute and average only once/week, but that's 7.5 hours/week for most of them.  

If this is not purgatory, where am I?  These are the kinds of simple things you need to do to get purified for Heaven.  On the other hand, if there are other more humanitarian virtues I should be absorbed with, a long delay here on Earth is not such a bad life.

The Dow Jones Industrials broke another all-time high today, up 40 to 18,848.  This is incredible, for just on election night it had at one point dropped 800 points.


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