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Friday, November 4, 2016

5F Day 13:

My Japan Rail Pass remained functional today, so I decided to visit Jindaiji, or in English:

It costs 500 Yen (about $5), but $2.50 for those over 65.  If you have a Japan Rail Pass and come through the Chuo Line Mitaka Station, the bus number is 65 from bus stop 2 (and maybe 3--very confusing).  This is Tokyo's only botanical garden, with 10,000 trees and 4,800 species.  As many as 50 million visit/year.  There is always something in bloom, and the Sakura blossoming is a spectacle.  

Pearl and I were invited by a good friend from Tokyo Electric Power Company, Fumio Ito, who directed the Nauru OTEC project for Japan.  He took us here seven years ago for the Cherry Blossoms.  They were at peak, and the visit was truly memorable.  Little did we know that he "escaped" from his hospital bed and picked us up in a taxi and walked around with us for several hours.  He dropped us off in a taxi, returned to the hospital and passed away two weeks later.  Two months later Pearl died.  

The following year I decided to walk around this park.  To my astonishment, I saw a statue that looked exactly like Pearl when I met her in1962.  The statue was created by Bussi in 1962.  I haven't succeeded in finding out who the  model was, and several times dropped by the park office to check with the staff.

I don't recall ever being here in November, but today I saw her statue in a gigantic rose garden.  There are 5200 rose bushes of 400 varieties:

The rose petals are supposedly larger during the May bloom.  Pearl is hourly serenaded by bells:

As I rarely see orange roses, I decided to focus on the color:

I don't know begonias from dahlias, so here they are:

Wow, a black butterfly.  They have a new Greenhouse that is fabulous:

A strange cactus:

On the way back I stopped in Tokyo Department Store to buy a few gifts, and saw Japanese wagyu beef at $227/pound:

When was the last time you paid $22.70/pound for steak in a market?  This is TEN times more expensive.

The Tokyo Westin provided a bottle of Japanese scotch with a bottle of soda:

Then at sunset:

Burger King is in the basement, so for dinner I had a Garlic Whopper and Chicken Fries:

The Sapporo beer was supplied by the Executive Lounge.


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