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Thursday, November 24, 2016


WHAT ARE YOU THANKFUL FOR is the theme of the 15 Craigside Photo Club this month.  Here are some of my earlier postings on Thanksgiving:
Our club is rather elite, with a second photo of Irene, who started this effort, and Scott, our mentor:

Here are some of the photos I'm contemplating sending-in to be shared with the photo group.  First, an oldie of more than a third of century ago when Pearl and I were working for the U.S. Senate in DC:

On recent trips to Japan I took two shots representing peace:  Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, a calm scream remonstrating the horror of nuclear warfare, and a symbol of thanks, Mount Fuji:

A few years ago I was on a mission to drop Pearl's ashes at various sites around the world.  At the Matsumoto Castle I tossed into the moat a gelcap of her ashes, and a gold koi ate it.  On my latest trip to the Castle the first view I had was of that gold koi:

I also found my way to Jindaiji, a botanical park with a sad history for me and had lunch with a statue that looks exactly like Pearl when I met her in 1962:

But life goes on and here are two gastronomically  thankful experiences:  champagne and Shanghai Soup Dumplings:

Of course, how can I forget Purgatory, where I live, also known as 15 Craigside:

Read two postings providing purgatorial details (1 and 2).

Finally, I am especially thankful for friends and family.  Here, my Thanksgiving dinner tonight with Betsy and Harvey:

There were others, too, of course, but I'll maintain their privacy.  I should mention that Harvey was the point guard for the original University of Hawaii FABULOUS FIVE, from left to right below, Al Manliguis, Fred Furukawa, Willie Lee, Tommy Yasuhara and Harvey Lee:

They all became very successful citizens, and I am invited to regular gatherings at Betsy/Harvey's place.  Willie recently passed away, else he would have also joined us for dinner.

I should mention that Hurricane Otto at 110 MPH crashed into the border between Nicaragua and Costa Rica, and is now in the Pacific Ocean:


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