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Thursday, November 25, 2010


At the national level, I could make a derogatory remark, but I remain a supporter of my President.  A clip from last year, in case you missed Obama's message in 2009.  You can read about my original Thanksgiving article posted a year ago.  Or, maybe you might find interest in my HuffPo on "How to Roast a Turkey."

As we all now know, Benjamin Franklin was dismayed that the eagle was our national bird.  He wanted the turkey, and explained why.

Here is a 20-minute version of Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving.  Then there is the annual  New York City Macy's Parade, which also features Charlie.

On this day of thanks, what about some levity?  Here is one top ten Thanksgiving Jokes list.  The highest rated is something called (click on the number):

1.Farting Your Guts Out

Here are the others

2.Sexy Thanksgiving Story
3.How to Cook a Turkey   
4.Top Ten Things that Sound Dirty at Thanksgiving but Aren't...

5.Thanksgiving Poem   
6.10 Things That Sound Dirty At Thanksgiving but Aren't...   
7.Top 10 Reasons College Students Are Looking Forward to Thanksgiving Break   
8.No Halloween or Thanksgiving in Arkansas   
9.Thanksgiving Weather Forecast   
10.Thanksgiving Wildcat   

  I do wonder about the sense of humor of Americans.

Here is another list from Yahoo, with a typical example:

Thanksgiving riddle
What did the mama turkey say to her naughty son?
If your papa could see you now, he'd turn over in his gravy!

Yes, you've got to wonder about what is funny in our country.

Finally, let us pay tribute to those human body scanners, the TSA crew.  Here is a sample:

Travel Advice for Pilgrims: Leave your muskets at home and refrain from wearing clothing with large buckles.

I worry that this is the best we can do on this day for turkeys.  But, then, again, perhaps that explains it.

At the Las Vegas Takahashi household, football watching and the Thanksgiving meal lasted for most of the day.  First, youngest son Wendell and Sharon:

Then Sharon, Aaron, Jeannie and Angel, with Dan in the foreground.

Eldest son Eric and his family are in North Carolina.  Tomorrow, I return to Honolulu for there is no place like home.


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