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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Hello from Austin, Texas.  I'm staying with Marie and John Laing.  John and I were on the same freshmen dormitory floor at Stanford.  They both served the Peace Corps in the Philippines and adopted two children.  Our first gathering featured lamb, with Johnny (second from the right) as chef.  Glynis is to the extreme right.  The best we will see, as requested, is the right shoulder of John.

There were three highlights the next day.  We drove all the way to Round Rock to have their donuts.  I'll google them, but the batter either uses a lot of egg yolk or Yellow Dye #2.  They were gooey, warm and delicious.

Then Marie took me on a personal tour of her park, all of 90 acres.

We ended the day at Perry's Steakhouse, where Marie had a 12 ounce Wagyu rib eye and John an 8 oz Wagyu filet (both ridiculously expensive), while I settled for a Texas steak, a bone in rib-eye coming in at 22 oz.  We agreed my steak was the best of the three.  While this type of Japanese bovine breed is  supposedly thriving in Texas, apparently, theirs came from Australia.  The meal also featured jumbo asparagus and some potato in a lot of Gruyere and Parmesan cheese, with an overdose of heavy cream, also known as Potato Au Gratin.  I had with my meal a Penfolds Shiraz.  Some of this vintage wine now sells for $30,000/bottle.

Tomorrow, I'm off to Las Vegas.


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