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Thursday, November 18, 2010


I have said this before, maybe even on this trip, but my Italian lunch today was better than my German lunch of 16February2010. THUS, TODAY I HAD MY BEST LUNCH EVER!!!
The view was spectacular.  The Spanish Steps are just to the right beyond that building.  I am in the Eden Hotel, now a Starwood property.  Not many tables were used, but every male eating had a suit and tie.  

Thank you La Terrazza dell'Eden, all of 120 years old, for graciously allowing me in.  Maite d'Hotel Mario Fasano was exceptional and Fabiolo Vera was the ideal complement to everything.  Thank you Paolo De Cicco and Daniele Colombo.

The meal started with a prosecco, enhanced almonds, colossal green olives and potato chips.  A 2009  Pinot Grigio Del Colli Orentiali Livio Felluga  came with the uber minestrone, infused with spinach and basil.

I splurged with a 2006 Barolo Pio Cesare (Nebbiolo) and 2005 Brunello di Monelcino Col d'Orcia (sangiovese grosso) to accompany the piece de resistance, a risotto with white truffles (above), accompanied by an elaborate green salad.  I wanted to compare which was fuller bodied.  The size of the crystal ( the brunello is to the left) indicates that the brunello won the contest.  I owe apologies to Professor Mario Tredici of the University of Florence. You can't imagine what just this dish cost.  

Anyway, the rice was al dente, which way back in my conscious, reminded me of expatriate Filipinos in the Hawaiian sugar industry dying from eating uncooked rice.  Simply, the rice expands in your stomach, which in some societies can simulate fullness.  But this particular extravagance will be eternally memorable.

Even after this dish, I felt unsatiated enough to order their Irish Coffee, which is not what you think.  It is an extraordinary dessert above, which came with a 2002 Cannellino vila Simone Frascati Bormiolo Rocco. 

A storm came and went as I enjoyed this extraordinary meal, which, as I just realized, was completely vegetarian.  Tomorrow, Washington, D.C.

How much did this all cost?  If you need to ask, you can't afford it.  

The Dow Jones Industrials are jumping (see right), buoyed by the General Motors Initial Public Offering (IPO), which is a misnomer, because it should be Yet Again Another Public Offering (YAAPO).  This is bad for my Ford stock, which will drop by more than 1% today, not bad, considering I bought at 1.9 and is now more than 16.  

Some of you might be wondering what is QE2.  No, this is not that giant new cruise ship.  QE2, as a stock market acronym, stands for quantitative easing, part 2.  This concept was invented by Japanese banks about a decade ago, which already had close to zero interest rates, but had to find another way to keep lowering rates.  Now, Ben Bernanke needs to stuff money into the American economy because the prime rate is already zero.  So click on QE2.  Oil is coming back up (see right), and so is gold.


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