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Sunday, November 14, 2010


I'm in Amsterdam, so why am having a Japanese lunch?  Well, after an elegant RIJSTTAFEL, I felt I wanted to eat some real rice.  So off I went to Yamazato at the Hotel Okura for lunch today.  

I had an excellent table (in a filled restaurant) with a view of the koi pond, which, frankly, only had marginal nishikigoi.  But the meal was fabulous and service impeccable.  I had a double hot Geikkeikan and cold Kirin.  First came the usual assortment of appetizers, followed by some amazing wagyu beef in a sukiyaki type setting.  Then a maguro and usuzukuri (should have been Kona Kampachi, but probably wasn't) combo with all the trimmings.  Just when I thought it was over, a wide assortment of sushi accompanied by a delicate fish soup with chunks of a sanma type fish arrived. The feast ended with a creme brule, green tea ice cream and a fruit assortment with some special offerings, such as musk melon and an albino strawberry.  Naru and Yurika (above) were the highlights of the meal.  

My around the world odyssey started with ten days in Japan, but this was the best Japanese lunch I've had on this trip...and maybe the best Japanese meal  since I left Hawaii in September.


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