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Thursday, November 17, 2016


Donald Trump lost to Hillary Clinton by more than a million votes, and when all the votes are finally counted, this difference could well approach 2 million.  But he won because whites WITHOUT college degrees mostly voted for him.  Half of Michigan voters are whites WITHOUT college degrees:

Even then, Michigan has not yet officially announced their electoral college results, where Trump got 47.60% and Clinton 47.33%.  You think those third and fourth party candidates made a difference?

In a way it is disappointing that so few Americans actually vote for their president:

          CANDIDATE     POPULAR VOTE                  PERCENT
                                                                     POPULATION      ELIGIBLE 
1980  Ronald Reagan       43,903,230                      19%                24%

2016  Donald Trump        60,963.234                       19%                24%

2012  Mitt Romney          60,589,084                       19%                24%

2012  Barack Obama       65,446,032                       21%               26%

To summarize:
  • Only one-fifth of people living in the U.S. pick our president.  
  • Of course, those under 19 cannot vote, and this age segment amounts to around 20% the total population.  
  • Thus, only about a quarter of our eligible voters actually select our president.  
  • Just over 200 million registered to vote this year, and 57 million did not bother to even register. 
  • Interesting that in 2008 there were only 146 million registered, so the surge in eight years was around 37%.  Of new voters
    • 42.6% were Democrats
    • 29% Republicans
    • 28.4% Independents
So how did Donald Trump win?  
  • Blacks did not vote for Clinton as they did for Obama. 
  • 71% of Latinos voted for Obama, but only 65% chose Clinton.  6% of Latino votes went to Libertarian and Green candidates.  Again, as Ralph Nader cost Al Gore the 2000 presidency, minor party candidates in 2016 might have played a crucial difference.  Amazingly, with all the insults tossed their way, 29% of Latinos still voted for Trump.
  •  White college graduates favored Trump by 4%.
    • 2016: R+39 
    • 2012: R+26
    • 2008: R+18 
    • 2004: R+23
    • 2000: R+17
    • 1996: D+1
    • 1992: D+1
  • About whites without college degrees:

Donald Trump will be the next president of the USA.  One can hope that our country, Humanity and Planet Earth will prosper... or survive.  Americans voted for change, but change can go good or bad or terribly.  It nevertheless will be entertaining.


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