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Wednesday, March 2, 2016


The number of restaurants now serving authentic Japanese Wagyu Beef is increasing.  The best of the mix in Honolulu is Teppanyaki Ginza Onodera (TGO), visited by 15 Craigside last year.  When we went there, only three restaurants in the United States were serving real Kobe beef.  This term is classical, but outdated, as beef from Kobe is now considered to almost be second-rate in Japan.

However, the meal at TGO cost $300 with sake.  A newer etablishment, Japanese BBQ Yoshi, also serves A5 (scroll down to the next posting to learn a few things about beef) wagyu from Japan, but the cost of a 7 ounce ribeye is "only" $100.  That's next on my agenda.

You can now, of course, go to a market and purchase A5 Japanese Wagyu Beef.  So yesterday I first went to Don Quixote, which began to carry this exorbitant meat only this year:

Note the price:  $80.25/pound.  You can buy Chuck Steak for $54/pound and fat....FAT, for $9/pound, the usual cost of good American beef!

Here is a Spencer Steak for half-price: "only" $41/pound.  Why?  There is some minor discoloration at the edges.  Can't really see it:

Click on that piece of meat and see how terrible it looks.

Next, a new store, J-Shop, on Young Street between Kalakaua and Keeaumoku:

They have the most variety and the beef comes from Shizuoka.  Here, you can purchase a wagyu bento with an assortment of Japanese sides, "only" for $14.50.  I bought one.  It was terrific.  Here is a chunk of sirloin for $720 ($80.47/pound):

A cheaper 4 pound cut of rib eye at only $73.50/lb was at $282:

Then to Marukai, which has been now and then bringing in the very best Japanese beef from Miyazaki for several years:

Chuck steak at $54/pound, less 20%.  All this beef makes the best sashimi (chutoro ahi at $29/pound--although I've seen o-toro bluefin tuna for $55/pound) and crustaceans (Dungeness Crab at $19/pound and Maine Lobster at $22/pound) cheap:

So what did I have for lunch?  Pork tonkatsu at Rokkaku Hamakatsu (RH)

The sake in the metal container at the top left remained very hot until the end.  The tonkatsu was wonderful.  RH is located at the Ala Moana Shopping Center, a short walk in the Diamond Head direction from Long's along the second floor street side.

Tomorrow, 15 Craigside inaugurates our Barbecue Grill area.  Steak will be served.


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