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Sunday, March 27, 2016


I tested out The Pig and the Lady two months ago, and  if you want details, you can read my review here. I returned yesterday with 12 ladies and our 15 Craigside coordinator, Martha.  Here are the photos:

The French Dip was popular:

I indicated I was allergic to crustaceans and hate the smell of that Thai fermented fish intestines sauce, which is also used in Vietnam.  That left me with nothing much else to order except for a tamarind curry, which I thought was to be on rice.  Nope, this was a Pho:

I was disappointed, and thought I smelled that odious sauce.  Worse, there was some low level rancidity to the aftertaste, even the gin/chartreuse cocktail I ordered.  I guess that's how fermented fish intestines can affect my mind.  I went to their restroom and found the movie poster intimidating:

Hard to take a pee with Kurt Russell staring at you, with a gun.  

We just about all shared beignets with a custard sauce, which was excellent:

My side of the table felt lukewarm about the place, but the other end seemed to be quite satisfied.  Next on our list?  Japanese BBQ Yoshi:While I'm into eating, I also recently went to Cafe Lani, new at the Ala Moana Shopping Center.    This is a typical Japanese famiresu (for family restaurant) for somewhat "rich" families.  Sort of an American and Italian fusion with Japanese touches.  The owner also has Gokoku Sushi at the Koko Marina Center.  There seems always to be people waiting to get in, (apparently their social media campaign is working well) so I inquired how long the wait was.  I was immediately provided a bar seat:

I thought the lunch set was a bit too high, so inquired if I could order the children's dishes.  My waiter said no, but another standing close by indicated this was possible.  So a supervisor came in to the discussion and I was allowed to order what I wanted.  My lady server seemed unhappy about this.  So instead of paying more than $40 for the set, plus $9 for a glass of Chardonnay, my pasta and chicken dishes cost only about $15, plus the wine:

The meal was excellent, but it took forever for the chicken to arrive.  A bowl of various freshly made breads kept being offered, but never the croissant, even though I twice asked for it.  A noisy restaurant,  and pricey, but okay if you can afford it.


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