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Sunday, March 13, 2016


This is Sunday and I am two weeks away from my flight to the Orient for my annual Sakura encounter.  Here, my view from where I sit at my computer of the Pacific Ocean and Punchbowl, looking in the direction of Japan:

Blooming are an orange orchid plant, bougainvillea and, just flowering, honohono.  The fragrance is just wonderful.  My lanai herb garden is also doing well, with Hawaiian peppers, mints, arugula, basil and Japanese cucumbers:

Speaking of flowers, I just returned from visiting the Valley of the Temples Memorial Park, where my parents and a grandfather are buried:

The gravesites are located next to Byodo-In Temple, with the Koolaus in the background.  You will note the nose of my Honda Fit, which is getting to be 8 years old, 80 years by car-life projection.  Sometime this year I will quit driving and walk, bus or Uber, unless I buy a new car to continue golfing.  Maybe I'll return to the Prius, for before the Fit I had the first Echo (left), which was the original shell of the Prius.

This week I'll expound on the reality of Hawaii energy self-sufficiency by 2045, compare the Concorde with the just announced NASA-Lockheed Martin supersonic aircraft (right), return to March 18, 1959 when Ike signed the Hawaii Statehood bill and, perhaps, begin a series on the Three S's toward a long life:  sleep (good), stress (bad) and sitting (terrible).


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