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Tuesday, March 8, 2016


It was two years ago today that Boeing 777 Malaysian Air 370 disappeared.  To recap, it was at 12:41AM local time that the plane departed from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Beijing with 227 passengers and 12 crew on board.  At 1:19 AM (MYT), 38 minutes into flight, came the final radio transmission:  "Goodnight, Malaysian three seven zero."

Three minutes later at 01:22 MYT, 41 minutes into flight, both the data transmission system and the transponder were turned off.  Soon thereafter, and this could have been as much as 3 minutes later, Malaysian military radar showed the aircraft making a gradual 300 degree turn to the southwest, then, 30 minutes later a sudden 100 degree turn to the northwest from around Penang, until all radar contact was lost at 02:22 MYT.  At 02:28 MYT, 1 hr 37 minutes after departure, satellite data (something known as a "handshake") shows the plane heading south:

While much of the above is speculation, Australian and Chinese vessels between April 5-8 apparently detected ultrasonic signals from the black box (which actually is orange), defining the search area, and the discovery on La Reunion of a flaperon from MH370 on 29 July 2015 pretty much confirms this surmisal:

A second piece of debris, the aircraft's horizontal stabilizer, was found on a Mozambique sandbar on 2 March 2016:

So where are we today?  The search will continue into the summer.  Then, who knows.  As I suggested a year ago, MALAYSIAN AIR 370 MIGHT NEVER BE FOUND!  While this is no joking matter, others have also weighed in:
  • A CNN program discussed a Black Hole Theory.  Stanford University physics professor, Peter Michelson (right), indicated that this would not be possible, for, then, Planet Earth would also be missing.
  • Cockpit fire.
  • Russian Special Ops kidnapped the plane and took it to Kazakstan...or maybe Ukraine, as they seem to have something against Malaysia.  Russians today are the operative villains.
  • U.S. Military on Diego Garcia shot it down, for one theory suggests the plane was on a kamikaze mission to take out the American base.
  • Rupert Murdoch hypothesized something about the aircraft now in Pakistan through a Jihadist plot to make trouble for China.
  • Meteor?


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