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Monday, March 7, 2016


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot and Triple 9 are two movies I saw this weekend, #4 and #11, respectively, at the box office this weekend.  The former was okay, the latter bad.

These weekend outings serve a valuable escape outlet for me.  15 Craigside is the ultimate in cocoon living, while those two films above represent among the worst that the world offers today.  WTF is a noisy and horrible example of a war environment, while T9 depicts the same in an American city.  There is far too much drinking and some drugs.  Kind of, actually reminds me of 15C.  But they drink alcohol straight, sometimes out of the bottle.  We are a lot more civilized, with wine, sake and even cocktails.  Our Monday Night Table has lately featured Hurricanes, Ginger Bourbon, Hawaiian Seabreeze and Craigside Seabreeze:

In the military, just so no one misunderstands, they use the NATO phonetic alphabet.  Thus, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot stand for WTF, or What The F....  Kind of an expression of shock, or what Tina Fey experienced as a cable television journalist when she got bored with her regular life and volunteered for a short assignment as a war correspondent in Afghanistan and Pakistan during the 2002 Operation Enduring Freedom.  Margot Robbie is excellent as a hot Australian correspondent and Billy Bob Thornton surprised me as a General at war.  The original film title was Fun House and was filmed in....New Mexico.

Rotten Tomatoes reviewers' gave WTF a 61% rating, with 64% audience likes.  About right.  RT gave T9 scores of 56% and 49%.  

Great cast for Triple 9:  Casey Affleck, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Kate Winslet and Woody Harrelson.  999 is an officer down call.  In short, a bunch of dirty Atlanta cops is blackmailed by a Russian mob led by the boss's wife, Winslet, to pull off a heist, but the 999 scheme is foiled by rookie Affleck.  The whole thing was difficult to comprehend, there was too much shooting and I walked out before the flick ended

Tomorrow I update the tragedy of Malaysia Air 370, for tomorrow is the second anniversary of the disappearance, plus Fukushima, five years after the 11March11 cataclysm.


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