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Friday, March 18, 2016


A few adventurers at 15 Craigside celebrated a St. Patrick's Day BBQ last night.  Notice the greens:

Sets and Margo were  in charge, assisted by their husbands (in the middle) George and Ted.  The administration here bought for us a spiffy BBQ grill, being tended to by Al, followed below of his wife, Charlotte, with the Man in Green, wearing a lei made by Sue, the lady in the photo above:

The fine cuisine:

The wine selection was outstanding, and we had Irish whiskies, Jameson and Old Bushmill:

Three kinds of dessert:

No, this was not a BBQ in my honor (after all, I am Patrick, and hmmmm, was that a double negative?).  I also missed including photos of ten other residents enjoying the food and atmosphere, partly because some photos were not glamorous enough and a few would have insisted I remove them from the mix...but perhaps in the future.

Next week BBQ#3 at 15C with the Monday and Wednesday Night Tables.  We'll interest clubs and floors to become involved, and the Dining Committee is discussing the prospects of hosting many here who would have difficulty handling the labor.  I've found these outings to be especially rewarding in many different ways.  The other option is to dine in air conditioned comfort three meals a day for free.

That Indian Ocean Tropical Cyclone Emerald at 100 MPH will be making an unusual right turn, strengthen for a while and head for Mauritius and Reunion.  However, the storm remains far, far away from those islands, and will almost surely weaken in a few days.

I report on these Indian Ocean cyclones because I have a lot of friends on those two islands.


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