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Tuesday, March 29, 2016


It was a gorgeous day in Tokyo with temperatures into 60's and a blue sky.  My free breakfast at the Tokyo Westin:

I noticed on the the two tables to the left of me two Japanese couples enjoying their meal.  I don't think more than 10 words were exchanged during their entire breakfast, and you can see why:

While the above buffet is rather expensive, I noticed that Burger King serves a very reasonable combination (divide by 113 to get dollars):

A hamburger or hotdog with orange juice and coffee for $2.50.

I then went to Shinjuku Station to make my Japan Rail Pass reservations for use after the Panda Sakura Tour, which I will join in two days.  I next found my way to Jindai Botanical Park to have lunch with Pearl:

I might add that there are at least half a dozen other statues by Bussi:

The cherry blossoms were still a few days away from the peak:

For dinner, I borrowed a Yebisu beer from the Executive Club Lounge and had in my room a Burger King Whopper with fries and onion rings, all the below for around $9:

While eating I watched the pre-game ceremonies of the Yokohama DeNa (the team was purchased in 2011 by a software company, DeNa) BayStars, and was impressed.  The whole thing must have lasted half and hour:
  • A hundred children dressed in the BayStars uniform paraded unto the field with flags and did a thing or two.
  • Then the lights were turned off and Minme sang the Japanese National Anthem, Kimi Ga Yo.  Usually this is an instrumental, a very short one.
  • In the spotlight, all the BayStar players were individually introduced.
  • Then, after 20 minutes, the lights were turned on and the starting line-up was introduced, where each player ran to his position, even the pitcher.
  • The manager is Alex Ramirez, who played for Cleveland and Pittsburgh.
I think tonight was opening night.