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Thursday, March 3, 2016


The Dining and Nutrition Committee Barbecue Subcommittee, led by Alfred and Dexter (in first photo below), worked closely with the administration to establish a barbecue area next to the dining room:

Pardon my photo skills, but I forgot to include 15 pounds of $18/pound COSTCO Prime Rib-Eyes.  We started with $13/pound Wagyu Chuck Steak from Miyazaki (other cuts go up to $80/pound), and the general consensus was that you couldn't tell apart Japanese chuck from American ribeye by taste test.  Also, sausages, chicken, corn, musubi, sushi, salad and various red wines, plus beer and soft drinks:

Even tablecloth and a table for wives:

Husbands and wives sit next to each other for three meals/day, so this became just like when families get together.  We almost felt sorry for those in the Dining Room, and the evening ended soon after the sun set:

The weather was perfect and I did not see, hear or feel one mosquito.  As this was the inaugural BBQ, we brought too much meat.  Two full trays of COSTCO Prime Ribeye were not used.  Two-thirds of the macaroni salad was not eaten.  In any case, we did donate food to the guards and staff.  However, there was a minimum of smoke from the grill, so I don't think there will be any complaints from nearby apartments and, while there might have been loud laughing, we couldn't have affected the soap opera being shown in the adjacent theater.  All 15 of us truly enjoyed dining outdoors near sunset.

Well, it turned out that I forgot to bring down my half pound ribeye (plus mashed potatoes and bread) from Ruth Chris from a week ago.  The raw meat was kind of turning brown, and was not ideal for freezing, so I had it for lunch today, some Merlot from last night and green tea:

Note in particular my herb garden:  various mints, two kinds of basil, red and green chiso, arugula, Japanese cucumber plants and Hawaiian hot pepper.

A week ago I reported on 15 Craigside going to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse (it never ends--next week Thursday we go to Chef Mavro's, ranked by Gayot as the best restaurant in Hawaii for eight straight years), and all the postings since then, save for two on Oscar (and I thought my extreme makeover of him was particularly brilliant), were on meat.  Readership precipitously fell, so I guess I should return to the theme of Planet Earth and Humanity.  Tomorrow, perhaps, my weekly update on solar energy.  On the other hand, my energy articles seem to draw among the smallest number of readers, so.....


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