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Saturday, March 5, 2016


I'm now approaching a million views on this blog site.  I started out nearly eight years ago only covering renewable energy and the environment.  Then, it occurred to me that my book on SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Humanity also provided incentive to report on international affairs, religion, space, nutrition and travel.  These became the most pinged on rather than energy.  A year or so ago I made a tally, and the postings to the right were the most viewed, and although I'm not really sure what those numbers mean, you get a rough sense of popularity.

Clearly, exotic places, gourmet cuisine, whale sharks, natural disasters, mega-tsunami, Pearl's Gold Tree, Gardenia Cambogia, alcohol and magic truffles draw the most visitors.  OTEC, for some reason (and I think this is because someone who sees it alerts his colleagues), gets attention, and, sometimes, geothermal energy.  Solar energy is blah and people just don't appreciate postings that are too scientific or technically esoteric.  Three Strikes and You're Dead seems to draw readers.

Some high and low lights:
I could go on and on, but let me end with a few recent postings:
These numbers look low, but two will grow over time.

No one might comment below, but I'll get a few e-mails.  If there is no landslide of opinion, I'll just do what I have being doing for almost eight years:  arrive at my computer in the morning and post on whatever's on my mind....daily.


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