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Sunday, March 20, 2016


The Sun is shining brightly over Honolulu from where I sit, and I feel good, for I am alive, well and extremely thankful.  I am a week away from my Sakura Adventure through much of Japan.  Every so often I feel compelled to provide a Sunday sermon.  Today, my message has to do with appreciating your current life.  It can be a lot worse, you know, much worse.  For example, you could die.  Here is a compilation I found particularly interesting:

You'll need to click on it to read some of the details, but in short, annually:
So, save for rats in our past, and humans, wars and cars today, mosquitos are your greatest enemies.  Last month, I asked:

I was particularly startled to read today that the Zika outbreak has struck Puerto Rico.  Going there for a vacation or cruise?  Well, maybe you should know this:
  • A quarter of their 3.6 million population will probably contract the virus within the year.
  • In time, 80% of Puerto Ricans will get Zika.
  • Microcephaly cases?
Or, how would you like to live in Beirut?  Here is a photo of their garbage crisis:

Yes, there are protests and yes, Hezbollah is mostly responsible.  But because of garbage?  An overpowering putrid smell, flies and mosquitos?  Yes, all there.  However, after 8 months of nonsense, an agreement was finally reached yesterday.

Sure, Denmark is the Happiest Country, and the USA is #13, but you don't want to live in Burundi at #157, or Syria as the second worst.

Some of you might be unhappy that your team got booted out of March Madness, or perhaps overcooked vegetables in your beef hekka, but Burundi?  Genocide, malaria, dengue, chikungunya, Zika Plague, typhoid, wars, poverty, crime,....  The State Department warns Americans, don't go there, but if you do, you'll need a visa, plus a whole bunch of vaccinations and a lot of mosquito repellent.  Oh, Burundi is right next to Uganda, where Zika began, and in West Africa from where came Ebola.

You'd think I'd come up with something a lot more upbeat on this fine Sunday.  However, you can't really appreciate what you have unless you compare it with something a lot worse.  So go ahead, have something good,  I'll be having one for lunch today as I watch the Rainbow Warriors take on Maryland in the Round of 32.


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