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Sunday, January 8, 2017


Until this latest spree with pillows, I had never before purchased one.  Never washed any, either.  I now have three, two MyPillow and, today, a Miracle Bamboo Pillow (MBP). I have also now washed three pillows.  For the record, there is a hint that bamboo bedding products could be anti-bacterial, so that's a plus, and MBP is about twice the weight of MP.  The prices are all over the map, but when you average things out, they cost about the same, in the range of $50/pillow, except that prices have recently drastically dropped to $30.  Remember, standard Walmart pillows are between $5 and $20, and they are also washable.

So why does anyone purchase a Miracle Bamboo Pillow?  That's where the miracle comes in.  It's a miracle that anyone spends so much money on this pillow.

The plastic covering of MBT is a wonderment of contradictions and exaggerations:

How can this be?   On one side, it says Miracle Bamboo Pillow, and on the other, Not Made with Natural Bamboo Fiber. 

I don't quite want to say, what a joke, what a scam, but both pillows are on the borderline of marketing honesty.    Bamboo?  Isn't that a stiff hard piece of wood that flexes?  How can this material be soft?  Well, the bamboo component is said to be viscose.  If you like rayon, well, this could be material for you.  I dare you to, though, read that link to understand what is being said.   

In any case, the MBP pillow itself uses the same kind of foam as MyPillow.  The cover over the pillow is what is 40% bamboo viscose rayon.  Got it?  You won't feel it when you sleep, because you'll no doubt use a pillow cover.  However, you have the liberty to only wash that cover, perhaps every few weeks if you're fastidiously fussy, and the whole pillow maybe yearly.

Here is a review from highya:  
  • a luxury class pillow
  • one queen size pillow:  $69.95, plus $14.95 shipping and handling
  • "as seen on TV"
  • more than half rated the pillow as only one star, out of five
  • 33% would recommend it to a friend
  • company has a C rating with the BBB
Not too terrific.  Except that my Walmart purchase only cost $29.95.  About half of what I paid for MyPillow, from Amazon.

However, the latest ad from Miracle Bamboo Pillow (left) shows the price at $29.95 with a deceptive 2 for 1 offer.  The true cost is $29.95, plus $9.95 for shipping and handling, plus $19.90 for the second.  A total price of $59.80, or $29.90 each if you buy two.  That's a nickel cheaper than Walmart, but only if you get two MBT pillows.

So, in conclusion, this is a splurge worth your interest.  Sort of like drinking some expensive wine or scotch.  If you feel you deserve it and can afford the expense, why not?  Next?  A new mattress?

Remember, that the average hotel room cost in the USA is now around $125, which is about the same as the cheapest chain hotel you can find in Tokyo.  Surely, you deserve that clean new pillow on which you will sleep for the rest of your life.  And only for $30.

And, by the way, did you know that Martin Luther King Day, to be observed on Monday, January 16 this year, is a national holiday?  Only two other humans are so honored in the U.S., George Washington and Christopher Columbus.

The reason why I got into position to even consider buying my Miracle Bamboo Pillow is that the day prior I was supposed to walk 18 holes at the Ala Wai Golf Course.  However, a friend saw me and invited to join his 7-some.  But they rode carts.  So on Saturday, I felt compelled to take a very long walk, and started with lunch at Lucky Belly, where I had my traditional Belly Bowl, this time with some pink champagne:

I then headed over to Honolulu Harbor and was astonished to see all the stores closed at Aloha Tower:

The whole area has been overtaken by Sharks, from Hawaii Pacific University.  Well, actually, there are two appropriate exceptions,  Gordon Biersch, with the Pride of America (I spent a week on this ship last month) in the background, and Hooters:

First, this entire location, now that Hawaiian Electric has closed it power plant, is being totally misused, for just to the right of this left photo is this other showing the frontage on Ala Moana Boulevard.

Way in back to the right you can barely see that structure where the State should move the staff to a much cheaper location and sell the building to the highest bidder.  On the site of that electricity generating facility develop a hotel.  One is certainly need for downtown Honolulu.

Now, a university at this choice site is perplexing, but with an opportunity that screams for imagination.  Hawaii Pacific University can become a world class institution of international travel management with an infusion of private funds.  A second, and, perhaps, parallel option, would be for a billionaire to sponsor Blue Revolution University.  Already at a protected oceanfront, and HPU fortuitously owns the Oceanic Institute.

Just a few yards away is the Falls of Clyde, badly deteriorated, but with the adjacent Hawaii Maritime Center, additional marine treasures that can be incorporated into the above plan.  The ship first arrived in Honolulu at the age of 21 in 1899, and registered under the Hawaiian flag just about the time the Republic of Hawaii was annexed by the USA.

Here are a few final photos:

The bottom photo is of a sea urchin, and the fish just above is a fugu, or balloon fish.

To close, walking up Fort Street towards 15 Craigside I noticed a Walmart.  I thought, hmmm, I wonder if they have a MyPillow on sale for $30?  Yes, they did, but also for the same price was that Miracle Bamboo Pillow.  So I purchased the later.  I was still planning to walk home, but try doing that with a My Bamboo Pillow under your arm.  First, for a pillow, it was really heavy.  Second, I had a Bus Pass.  Waiting for The Bus, I took my pass and a dollar out.  Then it occurred to me, the pass is good for two years where I can ride for FREE, anytime.  Tomorrow I walk 18 holes at Ala Wai.


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