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Friday, September 23, 2016


I live in Honolulu.  I'm at least 65 years old.  I should qualify for TheBus Senior Pass.  Very few of you reading this posting falls in this category, but I'm touching on this subject for those who might, for I went through an experience yesterday you can avoid.

I thought I would walk into downtown Honolulu and get this pass at the Satellite City Hall Office located on Fort Street Mall.  However, as I was walking down Nuuanu Avenue, a #4 bus was admitting passengers at the stop, so I paid a dollar and caught it.  The driver handed me a transfer, and my first thought was I won't need this, for in a few minutes I would be able to get on any bus for free.  However, by then I had moved on and, as there was no trash can, I put the transfer into my pocket.

I got off and had a short walk to the office.  I should have filed a complaint, but there was bird excrement all along the length of the handrail.  Thankfully, there was no line. 

    I filled a form.  Turns out that the ONLY PLACE YOU CAN INITIALLY PURCHASE A SENIOR ANNUAL PASS IS AT TheBus PASS OFFICE.  Nowhere in the information provided on the web site is it stated that this bus pass office is located at Middle Street, known as the Kalihi Transfer Center.  It was past lunchtime, so I noticed a MacDonald's next to the the bus stop where I had to catch a bus to TheBus Pass Office.  I thought that sign to the left was so appropriate.

    I had an early upcoming dinner, so I just wanted something simple.  I thought a large fries for $2.79 was awfully cheap.  This is a lot of fries.  At the bus stop after lunch I had to determine which bus actually went to the Kalihi Transfer Center.  

    How convenient, but the next bus actually said Kalihi Transfer Center.  Luckily, I still had the transfer in my pocket, so I gave it to the driver, halfway expecting him to turn me down.  But, I got on for free.  In case you someday need to do this, make sure that the bus turns left immediately after this sign (this has been a very religious day):
    I filled a different color form at the office, paid $60 for two years, and initially felt that was awfully high, but, then, one appetizer at a fine dining restaurant can cost that much and more.  I'm actually quite proud of my first Senior TheBus Pass:

    A few more points.  First, if you are older than 64, don't catch TheBus much and only want to pay $1 for each ride, all you need to do is to show your Medicare card.  You can also purchase a Senior Card for $10.  Mind you, you still need to pay a dollar for each ride.  This is getting complicated, but you can also purchase a monthly pass sticker for $5, which is affixed to the TheBus Senior Card.  Now, you won't need to pay that dollar.  But why bother with all that, for $30 gets you unlimited usage for a year, and $60 for two years.  I have some confidence I'll be around that long.
    Tropical Storm Megi has popped up, will become a Category 2 and head for Taiwan:


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