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Wednesday, September 28, 2016


At the first presidential debate earlier this week:

“Donald thinks that climate change is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese. I think it’s real," Clinton said.

“I did not. I did not. I do not say that,” Trump interjected.

Yes, Donald, you did. And there's a Twitter trail to prove it. 
The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.

This wasn't the first time Trump tried to shift his stance on this key issue. While the GOP nominee once claimed that tweet to be a joke, he has doubled down on the hoax claim a number of times, tweeting in 2014, “Is our country still spending money on the GLOBAL WARMING HOAX?” And on CNN in 2015, “I don’t believe in climate change.” 

Why is Donald Trump so sincerely disbelieving?  For one:

     91% Of Americans Aren’t Worried About Global Warming

However, this is Michael Bastarch from The Daily Caller, a conservative website co-founded by Neil Patel, former adviser to VP Dick Cheney.  I double-dare you to read that article and come to the same conclusion.  There is a political tendency to listen and preach to the choir.  Who do you think tunes in to Rush Limbaugh? Barack Obama?   Hillary Clinton?  Maybe Donald Trump.

But don't denounce Trump, nor the Republicans.  Blame yourself:  global warming ranked near the bottom of voters' concerns:

The fossil industry, of course, is behind this all, partly explaining Republican intransigence, for guess who donates to whom?
Since the late 1980s, this well-coordinated, well-funded campaign by contrarian scientists, free-market think tanks and industry has created a paralyzing fog of doubt around climate change. Through advertisements, op-eds, lobbying and media attention, greenhouse doubters (they hate being called deniers) argued first that the world is not warming; measurements indicating otherwise are flawed, they said. Then they claimed that any warming is natural, not caused by human activities. Now they contend that the looming warming will be minuscule and harmless. "They patterned what they did after the tobacco industry," says former senator Tim Wirth, who spearheaded environmental issues as an under secretary of State in the Clinton administration. "Both figured, sow enough doubt, call the science uncertain and in dispute. That's had a huge impact on both the public and Congress."
— The truth about denial, S. Begley, Newsweek[28]

Greenpeace presented evidence of the energy industry funding climate change denial in their 'Exxon Secrets' project.[29][30] An analysis conducted by The Carbon Brief in 2011 found that 9 out of 10 of the most prolific authors who cast doubt on climate change or speak against it had ties to ExxonMobil. Greenpeace have said that Koch industries invested more than US$50 million in the past 50 years on spreading doubts about climate change.[31][32][33] 

In 2010, an overwhelming percentage of Republicans did not believe that anything serious was happening. Perhaps Trump, though, does not realize that the times are indeed changing.

Worried a great deal/fair amount about global warming
Effects of global warming already begun
Will pose serious threat to you in your lifetime
Increased temperatures due to human activities

While that shift is happening, Republicans still mostly just do not believe global warming will affect them in their lifetime, which is the attitude of Donald Trump.  How can a Republican and Democrat growing up in our society today be so different in appreciating that human activities are causing these increasing temperatures.  LOOK  IMMEDIATELY ABOVE AT THE FINAL COMPARISON:  Republicans = 38% and Democrats = 85%.

The Grand Poobah of the conspiracy theorists is U.S. Senator James Inhofe, a Republican who chairs the Committee on the Environment and Public Works, and has remarked:

With all of the hysteria, all of the fear, all of the phony science, could it be that man-made global warming is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people?

Amazon has only nine of Inhofe's book available, for $18.35.  He went so far as to blame Barbra Streisand.  Inhofe is certainly not alone:

Climate change has also been called the "greatest scam in history" by John Coleman (left), who co-founded the Weather Channel.[19] When questioned by the IPCC regarding his claims, he responded "The polar ice is increasing, not melting away. Polar Bears are increasing in number."19]

You might be surprised, though, to hear that he is half-right regarding polar ice and the polar bear population is actually a reasonable debatable subject.

When Al Jazeera begins reporting that man-made climate change might be a concern, even Republicans should begin to take notice.  But maybe that's why the American station closed down earlier this year.

More than eight years ago I wrote in The Huffington Post:

Why Do Republicans Like Fossil Fuels and Not Care That Much for the Environment?

I even then quoted Senator Bernard Sanders.  Here is just one of my statements from that posting:

The Congressional Insiders Poll reported on June 7, 2008 showed that 95% of Democrats and only 26% of Republicans agreed with the following statement: “Do you think it’s been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the Earth is warming because of man-made pollution?”

So, finally, the hoax card is now losing favor and concern about how much it will cost to cure the problem is more and more being discussed.  Seven years ago I had a HuffPo entitled:

The Carbon Dioxide Credit Program

Clearly, the Nation and World need to re-read some of my ancient thoughts on this matter.  Remarkably, they still make sense today!

Right on the heels of Typhoon Megi is Tropical Depression Chaba.  Certainly, Chaba will attain typhoon strength, but, unlike Megi, move a bit north, miss Taiwan, and, currently, roll right over Naha, then head for Japan:


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