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Thursday, September 15, 2016


Grace VanderWaal is a truly special millionaire from New York.  She was born on January 1, 2004, and began composing music at the age of 3.  Last year she saved her allowance to buy herself a ukulele for her 11th birthday.  Last night she was victorious on my favorite summer TV show, America's Got Talent:

Yes, her youth, but someone from the USA being victorious was especially gratifying, for coming in number two were The Clairvoyants, from Austria.  All of the four judges were foreigners:

  • Howie Mandel is from Canada.
  • Mel B, a former Spice Girl, is from the United Kingdom
  • Heidi Klum is from Germany
  • Simon Cowell, who created this show, was born in London
Last year, the winner was a British comedian/ventriloquist.

Frankly, Grace was not among my favorites to win.  I really enjoyed 21-year old pizza guy Sal Valentinetti, who sang like Frank Sinatra, with a dash of Bobby Darrin.    In his audition, he came on stage totally confident, sang a memorable My Way, and got a Golden Buzzer from Heidi Klum.

Laura Bretan, all of 14 and already an accomplished opera diva, who sang O Mio Bambino Caro, was stunning.  I fell in love with her at her initial audition, where she came on stage a nervous wreck at the age of 13, following a series of singers who got trashed by Simon Cowell.  She got the the first Golden Buzzer, by Mel B.  I really thought she was best performer all season.

Very, very unusual, but she wrote all the songs she sang.  Here is Grace's performance on Finals Night.    However, she began to gain national attention when she sang her original song, I Don't Know My Name, in her live audition, and Howie Mandel gave her his Golden Buzzer.  WATCH THIS!!!  It will bring tears to your eyes.  The second happiest person in America last night, thus, was Howie, as he rushed to the stage to congratulate her on winning the million dollars.

Grace will first appear at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino from October 27-29.  You can already get tickets to her concert.

How's this for the talent over the next month at Planet Hollywood:  PITBULL, MARC ANTHONY, LIONEL RICHIE, BRITNEY SPEARS...THEN, GRACE VANDERWAAL.

Typhoon Malakas is at 105 MPH, will strengthen into a Category 4, and hopefully pass between Taiwan and Naha, Okinawa:

Computer projections show Malakas rolling right over Kyushu, then on to Tokyo.


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