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Friday, September 9, 2016


Chinatowns are located everywhere in China and in some of the most surprising places around the World:
  • Havana
  • Kolkata (once known as Calcutta)
  • Toronto
  • Bangkok
  • Manila
  • Johannesburg
  • Melbourne
  • Vancouver
  • London
  • San Francisco
CNN provided the above list, and Honolulu was not even mentioned.  The oldest?  Kolkata in the 5th century.  Manila came in 1594. By 1600, there were Chinatowns in Nagasaki, Hoi An and Bao Vinh.  Jakarta's goes back to 1740.  San Francisco began in 1850 because of the Gold Rush and Transcontinental Railroad.

As an aside, when I was in San Francisco last week, I learned that the Transcontinental Railroad was essentially due to the leadership of four "billionaires" of those days, including Leland Stanford, who founded Stanford University.  If it weren't for their lobbying and politics, the Federal government might not have bothered to participate.  Those familiar with this blog site are familiar with my refrain that the Blue Revolution needs to be led by such an individual or two or three, so nothing much has changed over time.

The World of Chinese has San Francisco as #1, Manhattan at #2 and Vancouver #3.  Honolulu is not in the top ten.  No surprise, as our Chinatown is small, messy and unremarkable.  However, in my quest to maintain an optimal weight--which now means I can have a slightly higher body-mass index, because medical science is beginning to conclude that OVERWEIGHT PEOPLE LIVE LONGER THAN NORMAL PEOPLE--I walk into downtown Honolulu to have lunch, and walk back up the  hill to 15 Craigside.

There is now a critical mass of decent restaurants in downtown Honolulu, and Chinatown is adjacent to this assemblage.  So I decided to have the best ramen in the world, a Belly Bowl, at Lucky Belly:

I usually have a Prosecco with this dish.

I have posted on this subject on numerous occasions, so let me show a few different types of Chinatown photos.  For one, clothes are cheap.  Sure, they're used, but $2!

As I was born in the Year of the Dragon, here are two varieties:

You find bamboo shoots in sukiyaki and various kinds of oriental meals.  Here are two photos of where they come from (the dark green protuberance):

As I noted in my Circle Pacific Adventure 2016, Japan looked different.  It took me some time to realize why.  The greens, which I took for granted, seemed more beautiful.  What happened was that I had cataract surgery the month before I took this trip, which brought my eyesight back to 20-20.  However, as important, the yellow filter over my eyes were removed, and greens really looked green, as did the intensity of other hues.  Also, what a joy in not having to wear glasses.  The green of Nuuanu Stream on my walk home was more striking than ever:

I strolled by my former condo, where I lived for 32 years:

Miss the view, but I'm happy at 15 Craigside.  Really.

Tropical Depression 16 in the West Pacific is now expected to attain Category 4 strength:

Naha, Okinawa could well be severely tested.


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