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Monday, September 26, 2016


Well, my final day in Waikiki.  I went down for my free breakfast, and had a healthy meal:

That's is oatmeal with nuts to the left.  I took a close look at the beach because my plan was to go for a short dip, or, rather, wade, because I don't like to get water in my ears:

Wait a minute, what is that sign saying?

Jellyfish!!!  So why are there more than a hundred surfers out there and people in the water?  I don't want to bring my camera to the beach, so here is a selfie of my swimming trunks:

If I show any more, I'll lose my readership.

The last time I swum at Waikiki Beach....I don't remember.  I did not expect, however, to suffer through an agonizing experience.  First of all, the soft sand stops at the the interface where the wave rolls.  There are rocks and pebbles and who knows what you step on when you're barefoot.  Then, from nowhere, a wave comes and bowled me over.  I got up and a second wave leveled me.  Here, I was previously entertaining thoughts of going surfing, and can hardly stand up.  I thought this was enough, so, bleeding in two places, and bruises around my bellybutton, I gave up.  At least I avoided any jellyfish stings.

My final lunch in Waikiki is always in my room with a view of Waikiki Beach.  I walked a couple of blocks to Marukame Udon on Kuhio, stood in line for a short while, ordered their meat-egg noodle bowl plus an onion bomb--the greasiest and tastiest onion tempura you can imagine.  Then to ABC Store (there are 37 of them in a one-mile radius of Waikiki) I got a Kirin beer and Sho Chiku Bai sake. On my lanai:

Soon thereafter, I checked out of the Westin Moana Surfrider.  Frankly, I was disappointed.  There were a lot ants everywhere, including in my bathroom and crawling on my computer.  Also, the wireless service was spotty.  I called for help on at least three occasions.  Never worked all that well.  My television was also smallish, and several stations kept disappearing, including during football games.  Something bad is happening at this property, and I hope they fix it.

Typhoon Megi is at 105 MPH and will make landfall around the middle of Taiwan tomorrow:


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