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Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Yes, I turned 76 yesterday, and bought my Tuesday night table a Macadamia Nut Cake:


That question mark has a story that has nothing to do with vanity or ignorance.  I went to CVS Longs for candles.  I certainly did not want to purchase 76 tiny ones, so decided on the numbers 7 and 6.  There were at least half a dozen each of 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9, but no 7.  I noticed, though, that there was one ?, so made this command decision.  The table with Joe/Janet/Masa at the top, Jerilyn/Deanna/John in the middle and Pat:

I thought I'd treat myself for lunch yesterday, so I went to J-Shop to get a wagyu bento for $15.01.  Here is a piece of Shizuoka tenderloin for $97.50/pound.  Can you believe just that chunk costs almost $1000?  However, you don't need to buy the whole thing.  There is a butcher here who will slice off your needs:

J-Shop thinks there is a market her for outrageously expensive gifts such as is commonplace in Japan.  Here, one musk melon (a squishy version of honey dew) costs $56:

So, I took my bento to Magic Island, where you are entertained by couples taking wedding photos, Diamond Head, Waikiki and surfing:

My wagyu bento, with beer:

This teriyaki-like wagyu is so much better than anything Zippy's and anyone else sells, but you do pay twice as much for, maybe, an ounce or two.

To complete my wagyu fantasy, when I returned from my 24-day trip, I noticed a frozen piece of this beef in my freezer, also bought from J-Shop, perhaps two months ago.  After defrosting for a couple of days, I had it for dinner two nights ago, and there was no rancidity or freezer-smell.  It even looked perfect.  I first remember having steak on special occasions in the early 70's when there was a Keaau Steakhouse on the Big Island (located close to the Kilauea lava flows near Pahoa).  Simply salt and pepper with rice and grilled onions, plus a cabbage salad with a red French-type dressing. 

I should add that 15 Craigside served corned beef cabbage for my birthday dinner.


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