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Tuesday, September 20, 2016


The U.S. Census Bureau of the Department of Commerce just released its annual American Community Survey for 2015.  Click on that link if you want more details.

Living in Hawaii, I did not find it surprising that, relative to the Nation, Hawaii has the:
  • highest median housing value:  $566,900
  • highest median monthly cost to rent a home:  $1,500
  • among the lowest percentage of people in poverty:  10.6% versus national average of 13.5% (actually, this surprised me...I thought we were not doing well on this parameter)
  • third highest median household income:  $73,486, with the national average being $56,516
Maryland ($75,847) and the District of Columbia have the highest, and here is a graph of #49, Arkansas, versus the country:

Why one source says $56,516 and another $55,775 puzzles me, too.

I can go on and on, comparing the best and the worst, but you can do this yourself, too.  The basic point about Hawaii is that it costs a lot more to live here, but we do tend to have higher salaries.  One relativity indicator is that our poverty rate is among the lowest in the Nation.  What does this really mean?  Don't quite understand, but that Star Advertiser article provides a few comments.


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