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Monday, February 21, 2011


This is my 1000th posting, with it all beginning on 29April2008.  I initially had 6 a week, resting one weekend day, and was stymied by my trip to China, which has a feud with Google, which operates this site.  This now a true daily.

I initially focused on energy and environment matters, for after all, my first book was entitled SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Planet Earth.  The daily visitor count was in the range of 20 to 50, with a few days in single digits.

Mostly after book two was published, SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Humanity, I began to step into subect areas such as travel, space, food, lifestyles, etc.  Certain subjects doubled the readership (the numbers are visitors that day):

  -    115  Country #1 Afghanistan
  -    232 HuffPo Thoughts
  -    145  I Made it to Vietnam
  -    159  The King and I
  -    213  Fascinating Barcelona
  -  3912  The Chile Earthquake
  -    197  Sunset at Hualalai
  -    527  The Magic of Truffles
  -    286  162 Holes of Golf

So what do the above indicate:

1.  There is not one posting that refers to energy and the environment.
2.  People like to indulge in my travels and gourmet meals, and generally enjoy my review of movies and clips on nostalgia.
3.  Natural disasters are a magnet.
4.  There is a link between my Huffington Post articles and my daily blog.

For example, a year ago I was in Amsterdam when the Great Chile Earthquake struck.  I was contacted by the Huffington Post to write about the incoming tsunami to Hawaii.  So, watching CNN, which showed live what was happening at Waikiki Beach and Hilo Harbor, I submitted my posting a few minutes before the disaster was potentially to strike the Big Island.  However, I could adjust my article with every turn, and two hours later, completed the entry.  I don't know how many read this reportage in HuffPo, but 3912 visited this blog site that day, about ten times more than the best I can get.  So I'm awaiting the next disaster.

But, more seriously, I wondered why was I wasting my time writing about things I knew--energy and the environment--when my readership was instead more interested in topics like food, music, movies, travel, life experiences and so on.  I thus posted in this blog on 27November 2010:

There were six comments, which averages out to about six more than normal.  I'm mystified because no one comments on my daily blog, whereas quite a number do to my HuffPos.  However, readership has doubled each year and now rarely drops below triple digits, but this could be because I try to make my postings more entertaining rather then scientifically rigid.

So, while I am not totally giving up on saving Planet Earth and Humanity, and will regularly include matters regarding Peak Oil, Global Warming, renewable energy, sustainable resources, doomsday and the like, I will expand on items of greater interest to you.  Aloha, and Happy Presidents' Day.

There are three storms in the Southern Hemisphere, where Tropical Cyclone Atu is at 110 miles per hour, but generally traveling over the ocean and is scheduled to miss New Caledonia and New Zealand:

Tropical Cyclone Carlos, now at 65 MPH, will soon attain hurricane strength and skirt some cities along the Western Australian coastline.


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