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Monday, February 14, 2011


First, Happy Valentine's Day.

The Grammys derived from and are in the shape of the Gramophone (the invention by Emile Berliner), although Thomas Edison did win a Grammy award last year.  The initial award ceremony occurred in 1959 when I was a freshman in college (the Song of the Year was Domenico Modugno’s Nel Blue Dipinto di Blu) and first televised in 1971 as I was close to finishing my PhD. 
Grammys 2011 might well have been the first one I’ve actually watched from the beginning to end.  For the official results, click on 2011 Grammys.
The opening act showed  high respect to Aretha Franklin (she appeared via video, and looked a hundred pounds lighter, for she is reported to be suffering from pancreatic cancer) .  The fivesome of Aguilera, McBride, Hudson, Adams and Welsh performed well.
Jennifer Hudson looked amazing, considering how, well, chubby, she was when she came in as the #7  American Idol seven years ago.  Has it been that long?  She is now the spokeslady for Weight Watchers and has lost 80 pounds.
I don't think it was intended, but Lady Gaga must have also paid some tribute to Madonna, semi-erotic costume and all, except Gaga wore her breasts on her shoulders.  More controversy for certain.  Compare that with Madonna's Express Yourself.
Mick Jagger made his first live performance at the Grammys, and, boy did he look old,   After all, he is 67.   With 200 million albums sold, the Rolling Stones have won, I think, only two Grammys.  However, the Who, Bob Marley, Diana Ross, Led Zeppelin, Grateful Dead, Queen, Jimi Hendrix, Lynard Skinner, The Doors, and Buddy Holly never won even one.
Barbra Streisand, who has won 19 Grammys, looked and sang great, and she is 68.
Bad news for all those 12 year old girls reading this blog.  Justin Bieber won nothing.

For those who hate Lady Gaga, sorry, she did win something.

Ever heard of Lady Antebellum?  They only won five Grammys.  For one, it (or they in this case) is (are) nothing like Lady Gaga and those other ladies.  They are a country music threesome, winning Song of the Year for Need You Now...or was that Record of the Year?  Oh, they won both.  What is the difference, anyway?  Well, the Song of the Year goes to the songwriter, not the performer, but they also happened to sing that song.  Alas, Lady Antebellum lost Album of the Year to...
…Arcade Fire for The Suburbs.  Who are are these groups?  These two don’t even get close to rap or hip hop.  Arcade Fire is an indie rock band from Montreal.  You feel out of touch?  Well, #1 on Billboard today is “Black and Yellow” by Wiz Khalifa.  Who?  

Well, here is Wiz's mugshot when he was arrested for pot last year.  He said he has a $10,000/month habit.  Bruno's lawyers apparently worked out a deal for no prison term, to be adjudicated today in Las Vegas, for, hey, he "only" possessed 2.6 grams (the Wiz had 60 grams of marijuana, good for 60 smokes), a mere 0.006 of a pound and, he pleads, will never let it happen again.  Ask O.J. what a good lawyer can do, although when caught the second time for a rather flimsy crime is now in jail with 31 more years to go.  Who is Bruno?  Read on.
Hawaii’s Bruno Mars won a Grammy for Male Pop Vocal, while Hawaii’s Tia Carrere won again (first time in 2009) for Best Hawaiian Music Album.


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Brandon said...

Hard to believe Carerre won... I think most people in Hawaii havent heard her music!