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Thursday, February 10, 2011


One of the songs that still sticks in my mind is "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall."  In 1958 I left Hawaii after graduating from McKinley High School and found myself at Leland Stanford Junior University.  My first impression, seeing the sign as I entered the campus on Palm Drive was that I had somehow, and mistakenly, chose to attend a junior college.  My next thought was, I should have gone to the California Institute of Technology, for, being in Pasadena, it was closer to Oxnard, where my brother and his family lived.  But, no, it turned out that this was the real Stanford University just beginning to mature and is today pretty famous.  

In the first week of getting adjusted at Wilbur Hall, there was a beer blast and the first song sung was "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall," which lasts forever, especially if you do it a second and third time.  I bring this nostalgic remembrance up because I today completed 99 Holes of Golf at the Ala Wai Golf course, which started last week and took me a little more than a week.

This is really complicated, but, by my calculation, the total cost of golf, including the cart, on occasion, was $66.  Considering that a couple of weeks ago I paid $100 plus $150 to golf 36 holes at the Princeville Resort on Kauai, Ala Wai is, indeed, a bargain, for living at home here, I did not have the additional expense of more than $1000 for airfare, food and room at the St. Regis.  These are  some of my colleagues participating in those 99 holes of Golf at the Ala Wai Golf Course:

Yes, that is Diamond Head in the background.  I won't identify any of them because a couple of my "friends," particularly from the bottom photo, were afraid that they could get implicated in a fatwa if some Islamic radical took exception to one of my blogs, Huffington Post articles or books.  That's why they can only barely be seen.  There is even one person hiding.

The Dow Jones Industrials slipped 11 to 12,229, while world markets were mixed.  Gold rose $3/toz to $1365 and New York oil is at $87/barrel, with London oil $101/barrel, still a $14 difference, as Hosni Mubarak refused to abdicate today (photo by Linda Davidson, Tahrir Square).



Harry said...

I remember our days of playing golf at LSU, Pat. All I can say is "good thing the trees were small!" Your venue looks great, and the weather as well - of course.


I believe one day the temperature was a few degrees above 100 F and we actually walked 18 holes carrying our bag. My golf game was mediocre then, and not much better today. It helped that the course was across the street from our lab.