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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


My Chapter 2 of SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Humanity provided information on nutrition and sleep.  For example, while the conventional practice is to eat a hearty breakfast, because I'm not all than hungry in the morning, I have, maybe, a third of an apple with a small handful of nuts.  Today, the local newspaper reported in a German study from Nutrition Journal, that a smaller breakfast is better!  Hey, apparently I've been doing something right.

I had nine hours of sleep last night.  Perhaps only retired people can afford to do this, but, sleep is also good for you.   According to medical reports:

7. Sleep May Help You Lose Weight (and an article this morning indicates that obese children sleep less)

Thus, my advice to you today is to SLEEP more and SKIMP on your breakfast.

The Dow Jones Industrials inched up 2 at 12,042.  Gold fell $5/toz at $1334, while oil is at $91/barrel on the NYMEX and $102 on the Brent Spot.

Tropical Cyclone Yasi at 155 MPH slammed into the Queensland between Cairns and Townsville last night.  The 400,000 in the possible path prepared well, but what can you do with gusts up to 184 MPH.  Damage will be severe, but loss of life will hopefully be minimal.


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