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Thursday, February 24, 2011


When I appeared for my 1PM appointment with my tax accountant, I noticed that he and his crew were unexpectedly inundated with clients, so I volunteered to return in an hour.  Fortunately, in the next door building was Padovani Grill, and, as I already had lunch, decided to test a flight of three red wines

2005 Chateau Mont-Redon Chateauneuf-du-Pape. (France)14% $7
Great bouquet.
2007 Chateau Lagarosse (France) 14% $4
Medicinal aroma, but pleasant tasting.
Lighest body of the three.
2008 Stump Jump Shiraz (Australia) 14.5%. $3
Smelled a bit fishy with a vegetable essence.
Best tasting. Full bodied. Fruity.  My favorite.

For the equivalent volume (six ounces), a two buck Chuck's wine would have cost a total of $0.46. Thus, these three Padovani wines (total of six ounces) cost thirty times more than Chuck's, and I thought the prices at this restaurant were quite reasonable.
Kathy was most gracious and helpful.  The experience was a lot more enjoyable than my previous lunch here, which I reviewed in my 28January2011 blog.
The best part is that I ended up positive, with the Federal and State governments owing me some money.
The Dow Jones Industrials dropped 37 to 12,069, with a mixed world market.  Gold fell $14/toz to $1404, while oil prices actually dropped, the NYMEX at $98/barrel and the Brent Spot at $112/barrel.

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