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Friday, January 28, 2011


I thought my doomsday posting today was too, too gloomy, so, as I just saw the Green Flash at sunset, thought I'd end the day with a more upbeat message.  First, when I awoke this morning, I saw a beautiful rainbow:

Then, for lunch, I went to Padovani's Grill, a relatively new restaurant located in the Uraku Tower near the Ala Moana Shopping Center, where many dining establishments have come and gone.  I remember Philippe Padovani from his La Mer days a quarter century ago.  His later effort at the Doubletree Hotel went bankrupt, so he became a chocolatier in downtown Honolulu until this latest venture.

I had two wines:  an Auvigne St-Veran Chardonnay and a St Francis Chardonnay.  The American one was cheaper, but more to my liking, for I find French chardonnays to be lacking in that buttery quality I savor from the oak of California wineries.  That first piece of bread is always important, and I was served a Black Olive roll, which was okay.
I started with two appetizers together:  baked escargots in porcelain and a weak Caesar salad, but that is because the chef no doubt was trying to improve on it.  I don't think he succeeded. The snail was gritty, but of superb taste.  Yes, I bit into a few grains of a sandy material, which was troublesome.  I hope this was anomalous.
My main course was a pleasant ahi risotto.  I like these fusion combinations.  I only recently began to enjoy this Italian rice dish because I previously thought the rice was not sufficiently cooked.  Now, all my pasta has to be served al dente (slightly firm). While not quite the white truffles risotto of the La Terrazza dell'Eden, that plate in Rome cost at least ten times more.
All in all, irrespective of my less than complimentary comments, lunch today was a positive experience, for the service was outstanding and decor pleasing.  I'll probably go back a second time, for epicurean options are minimal for lunch.


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