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Sunday, January 9, 2011


This is a rare day for me.  I awoke to:

and realized I have nothing scheduled this beautiful Sunday.  Clearly, I need to go out...somewhere.  What an opportunity!

I thus I will quickly editorialize on a couple of items:

1.  First, my blog yesterday on The Magic of Truffles got five times more visitors than normally.  Hmm,  maybe my dare:

As renewable energy, climate change and peace are too, too boring, I wonder if I change my blog title from PLANET EARTH AND HUMANITY to THE SIN, RELIGION, NATURAL DISASTERS AND CLONING POST, there will be an uptick in readership?

about changing this blog to something more exciting, needs some real consideration.  While I then won't be saving Planet Earth and Humanity, what good am I doing with this current blog, anyway?

2.  Remember my posting of 3January2011, where one of the mysteries of life had to do with razors?  Well, I bought the following when I dropped my second Schick, breaking it:

After only three days of use, the Schick symbol fell off.  I stuck it back on, but I'm now wondering if the company has gotten smarter and has engineered an appropriate obsolescence.  We'll see.

3.  In that same posting, I couldn't explain why all those birds and fish died in Arkansas.  Well, it turns out that Seth Borenstein of the Washington Post found the answer:  the media, and, particularly the world wide web.  We think alike, for on 3June2009 I published in the Huffington Post:

A Pandemic Worse than the Swine Flu

where I indicated that the Swine Flu was hardly a justified concern, but the communications industry exaggerates reality to sell the news. (Cartoon on right by Royston Robertson)  I did not focus on the WWW as Borenstein did, but the point is that there is overkill on matters that draw human interest.  Airport security and terrorism are two good examples.  However, something like Peak Oil and Global Warming are sufficiently in the future that, as people can't relate to these amorphous futures, the media understate this lack of interest, and only provide token coverage.

4.  I will this week post something on our "declining" defense budget, but noticed today that Secretary Robert Gates is quoted to express fears about China's development of a new stealth fighter.  Here we go again.

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