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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Imagine a Tuesday when your day involved:

  1.  Riding on a cart at the Ala Wai Golf Course for 18 holes, followed by a draft Heineken and jumbo hotdog.

  2.  After a short wait, reading a dated issue of Scientific American (and tomorrow, or soon thereafter, my blog will be titled, Dark People--no, nothing racial, but if you have any inkling about Dark Energy and Dark Matter--something you cannot see, which makes up about 96% of our Universe--there is at least one theory that a portion of this unseeable 96% could well be people invisible to us, i.e., Dark People...hmmm...oh, they also can't see us...ghosts??), I walked 9 holes with a second group at this same course.  I will repeat this on Thursday.

  3.  Then, after months of seeking the ideal location to find Peking Duck (my next Huffington Post epicurean posting following "How to Roast a Turkey" will be "How to Make Peking Duck"), I saw in this past Sunday's Dining Out section of the Star Advertiser an article on On On, which features this dish.  So on the way home I stopped by and splurged on a take-out order of half a Peking Duck, with all the usual trimmings:  six buns, plum sauce and green onions.  With a bottle of Tsingtao beer, I ate almost the whole thing, but had enough leftover bones and meat to make duck soup.  This was the best Peking Duck I've had in Hawaii, and at only a total cost of $17.05, with the 10% discount that extends until the end of this month.

  4.    I then happened to glance out the window and photographed the following:

The Dow Jones Industrials slipped 3 to 11,977, with world markets mixed.  12,000 tomorrow???  Gold increased $2/toz to $1333 and NYMEX crude oil is at $86/barrel (London Brent Spot at $95/barrel).

Tropical Storm Bianca just popped up, is already at 50 MPH, will track the northwest corner of Australia, and attain hurricane force strength tomorrow.  Tropical Cyclone Wilma is now at 105 MPH after blowing through Tonga, causing some damage, will attain Category 4 strength (131-155 MPH) and head towards New Zealand.  Anthony continues to move nowhere in the seas to the northeast of Australia.


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