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Monday, January 17, 2011


What a wonderful day, in photos.  Leaving Honolulu Airport:

Landing at Lihue:

Kathy, Chris and Jim picked me up and we visited Kenjiro. [Well, we did, but this gravestone was the wrong one.  I returned on 20July2011 and took a photo of Misa Tamura at the correct location.]  I was dropped off at the St Regis Princeville, while they went on to Sea Lodge.
My room is fabulous.  Two views:

That's Hanalei Bay above, the opening scene from South Pacific (this a clip of France Nuyen, filmed at the Slippery Slide in Kilauea, essentially our backyard when we lived there in 1962, and more remarkably, she looks like Pearl).  Below, I tossed Pearl's ashes towards Hanalei Bay, for this region was most memorable for us, almost half a century ago.

We finished off a Stanford Chardonnay:

Then went on to Postcards Cafe for dinner:

The meal was okay.  The day was great.  No, in case you're wondering, those are not large lice on Jim's shirt, they are pineapples.


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