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Thursday, January 20, 2011


On my way home from the St. Regis Princeville, I stopped by to chat with Misa Tamura, whose father in law was the individual who told me when I was a trainee for C. Brewer in Kilauea that he knew of my grandfather, Kenjiro, and he is buried up on the hill above the town.  This was a surprise to me at that time.  I finally learned today the name of this gentleman:  Mr. Yoshimoto.  Misa is 92 and couldn't remember the first name.  Misa's youngest son was sent to live with a relative, and goes by the last name of Yoshimoto.  Misa's three other children all became doctors, although one might today be involved with running a health facility.  He lives alone and drives.  Here he is standing next to Kenjiro's gravestone.

We then went to visit the Slippery Slide, the backyard of our cottage when Pearl and I lived in Kilauea almost half a century ago.  It looks the same:

I tossed part of Pearl's ashes and Misa took my photo:

Misa gave me a number of lilikoi (passion fruit of two varieties), an avocado and two giant guavas growing in his yard.

I then went to Hamura's for my standard extra large saimin with BBQ beef.  The small saimin cost $5, medium $5.25, large $5.50 and extra large $6.  For a dollar more, why not.  I also splurged on their pretzels (the Hawaii kine is crispy, oily and sweeter, with no salt).

But there is no place like home, for a sunset awaited me:


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