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Thursday, January 27, 2011


In the right column you can view my current thinking about global climate change.  ExxonMobil, in their annual Outlook for Energy, reported at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi that carbon emissions will rise by 25% in 20 years.  Remember the Kyoto Protocol of 1997 when the world was asked to reduce their emissions by 5% from their 1990 level?  Know what happened? 

Well, first, we know all too well that the USA chose not to sign any treaty, while China and India went ballistic in fossil fuel consumption.  The world carbon emission did not decrease by 5%, but instead increased by 38% between 1990 and 2007, with the U.S. +19%, China +156% and India +140%.  Europe did well, with Germany at -15%.  However, all signs show that the European Union is almost giving up, as their emissions trading system was halted (due to fraud) and they are now beginning to feel that if the world doesn’t cooperate, they too will abandon attempts to control carbon emissions.  Well, that’s not exactly what they want, for they remain concerned, but they are losing economic competitiveness, shackled by these restrictions.

If you really want to view the above, just zoom in, but if you're lazy, particularly note that big purple in the middle, which is China.
Now, with Republicans controlling the House of Representatives, count on nothing progressive happening in the USA for at least two more years.  And if you think the biggest emitter of carbon dioxide, China, will suddenly become as conscientious as German, forget about that.  As millions won’t die from a suddenly hot summer, as explained in my 2August2010 posting, ExxonMobil will be correct, and Planet Earth, already showing signs of reaching a critical threshold, could well reach the tipping point.
By the way, 2010 tied 2005 as the hottest year on record, going back to 1880.  House Republicans earlier this month, though, as soon as they gained power, gleefully began the process of burying any global climate change efforts.  Here is the recent Pew Research Center poll on the politics of global warming:

Read this chart and weep for Planet Earth and Humanity.


The Dow Jones Industrials again loitered above 12,000, but only went up 4 to 11,990.  12,000 tomorrow????  World markets were mixed, gold crashed $33/toz to $1311 and the NYMEX petroleum is now at $85.6/barrel, with the Brent Spot at $97/barrel.

Tropical Cyclone Wilma is now down to 50 MPH and is heading for New Zealand while Tropical Cyclone Bianca is at 105 MPH, but prefers to remain in the ocean sliding down the west side of Australia.


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