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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


1.  There will be a full moon tonight.

2.  My dozen or so mosquito stings from yesterday still itch.  Today, the just upgraded Makai course, another Robert Trent Jones, Jr., creation.

3.  Presidents Jintao Hu and Barack Obama are addressing the world on TV as I click on.  This White House has not more royally hosted a foreign leader.  China and the U.S. have about the same land area, each about half that of Russia.  There are four times more people in China than the U.S., explaining why they sell more cars (about 3.5 million more in 2010) and have more people using the internet than the U.S. population (something approaching 500 million users versus 312 million).  The relationship between our two countries will determine the future of Humanity, which is why I sent two messages to China, one to Hu and other to Jinping Xi.

The Dow Jones Industrials dropped 13 to 11,825, while major world markets were all down.  Hu Jintao dined tonight at the White House with Jackie Chan, Barbra Streisand and others, as the Shanghai stock market on Wednesday fell nearly 3% to 2684, and continued to tumble on Thursday.  It almost reached 3500 in July of 2009:


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