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Sunday, January 9, 2011


First, I went to two movies this afternoon:

1.  The Little Fockers:  After all, it was #1 last week.  I actually enjoyed it.

2.  Country Strong:  I don't particularly like country and western music.  But many do, and there are redeeming virtues to this movie, even though I suspect it will not do well.  Three of the four leads sung quite well, even Gwyneth Paltrow.  The fourth, C&W megastar, Tim McGraw, did not sing.  Interesting.  One of them, Leighton Meester, you've seen here and there, and is currently in the television series, Gossip Girl.  I mention her because in the film, Paltrow suggests that Meester should be honest about her parents, that they were criminals, not teachers.  Turns out that the actress herself was born in prison.

Now, about that Hawaii birth certificate for Barack Obama, here it is:

If you were wondering why there are no signatures, that's the way it is in Hawaii.  Now, my birth certificate has doctor's name, an official signature, etc., but a death certificate is as simple as the above, and green.

Let me close with, first, a somewhat critical comment from the New York Post of President Obama using rubber slippers with casual wear on his Hawaiian vacation:  "Should the leader of the Free World dress like this--even on his vacation?"
To which Kathleen Hall Jamieson of the University of Pennsylvania retorted:  "If you were born in Hawaii, if you grew up in Hawaii, if you vacation in Hawaii and you don't wear flip-flops, then there is something seriously wrong with you."


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