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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Just two days ago I speculated on the Kepler Space Telescope.  Today, World Science reported on possible habitable planets found.  In four months scanning a tiny portion (1/400) of space, Kepler discovered 1,235 planets and 54 candidates sort of like ours, located in a "life" band around their stars.  Here they are:

Yet, I'll continue to stick to PAT, my Man from La Mancha concept, for an elegantly more functional, but cheaper, terrestrial space telescope.

Tropical Cyclone Yasi crashed into the Queensland coastline between Cairns and Townsville with 180 MPH winds and 30 foot waves, but there, apparently, at first check, were no deaths.  Queensland just a few weeks ago suffered 35 casualties and more than $5 billion damages from floods.

On a lighter level, Punxsutawny Phil did not see his shadow today, providing hopes for an earlier Spring.  Sure, ask Chicago.  Groundhog Day remains one of my favorite films because, in a way, it has represented most of my life:  every day is the same, but better.

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