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Friday, February 18, 2011


On February 10 my blog featured "99 Holes of Golf at Ala Wai."  My friends mostly ignore my daily blog, but this posting resulted in a number of comments. Thus, I thought I'd return to this subject and note that the annual Sumida Golf Safari to Nevada/Utah/California usually includes 162 holes over a one week period.  (As the photo shows, we also drink wine.) In fact, we have been known to have rounds featuring margarita, martini, you name it, depending on our taste and inclination.

Yesterday I reached 162 holes, all at the Ala Wai Golf Course this month.  While the Sumida Safari participants only luxuriate on carts, my accomplishment includes as many walking rounds as riding ones.  The significance of this marathon, further, is that it is not easy to get a starting time at Ala Wai.  The Guinness Book of World Records has indicated that this is the busiest golf course in the Nation, which makes sense, for we have longer days here than most areas of the continental USA, plus as many as six can be accommodated in a group if everyone rides a cart.

A $45 monthly card will get you ten 18-hole rounds, for a cost of $4.50 each time if you walked.  Weekends are more expensive and this card cannot be used.

Ala Wai Municipal Golf Course 
404 Kapahulu Avenue
Waikiki, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii
Tee Time Reservations: 808-296-2000
General Information: 808-733-7387
Phone: 808-676-2210
Web Site: - Ala Wai Golf course

The only real way to get a starting time is to begin calling 296 2000 at 6:30 AM to gain a slot for the following week.  Thus, this morning, I dialed this number and got through after a couple of rings, winning a 9:59 AM tee off next Friday, February 25.  Anyone interested in joining in, e-mail me at:

The first five will be accommodated.  If only three or fewer care to join me, we will walk.

The Dow Jones Industrials rose 73 to 12,391, while world markets were mixed.  The all-time closing high occurred  on 9October2007 at 14,165,  The decade low was 6,547 on 9March2009.

Gold increased $3/toz to $1386, while NYMEX petroleum is at $86/barrel and the Brent Spot at $102/barrel.

There is a rather dangerous storm in the Indian Ocean just west of Australia.  Tropical Cyclone Dianne is already at 75 MPH and is expected to reach Category 3 status soon:

However, Dianne is not expected to make landfall.

My roof was in technicolor splendor this morning:


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